E6850 vs i7 950

Hello, I have an e6850 setup, overlocked to 3.6ghz. I;m looking at upgrading to the i7 950. what sort of proformance gain am i likely to expect? Is it worth it? Its going to cost me net of £50 quid, including new mobo, ddr3 ram, and case. (my case is a bit messed up) is it worth it.
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  1. Im using my ancient x1950 pro. I will not be playing games, just hd films. so i could get a cheap gpu to decode x264.
  2. If all you do is video encoding/decoding, my suggestion is to wait till the SandyBridge processors roll out.. Initial benchmarks and talks suggest them to be pretty powerful for that purpose..
  3. ok. do you know how much these dany bridge will be. i doubt i will buy any components any time soon. i just cant stand having 3 year old technology, nearly 3.5 years.
  4. yes, what do you think the price of the 2600 will be?
  5. if it costs £50 then its worth it but a motherboard should cost over double. if someone is selling you there case mobo and ram + CPU all for £50 then get it now its a no brainer. and I mean get it now this is a bargain you will not see in your life again
  6. i mean £350. my bad. is it worth the 350 quid?
  7. New it would cost
    i7 950 £240
    mobo from £130
    RAM from £70 (assuming 3 x 2Gb)
    case from £10 with no details but cold be alot more
    so worth minimum £450 new. With sandy bridge maybe offering the same performance for around this kind of price new (can't say until its here but my guesstimate) its worth it only if you want to run 2 or more graphics cards ie you need a 1366 based setup, though a very good mobo or 12Gb RAM or a very good case could make it a good deal.
  8. the i70 can be had for 210 quid, ive seen it for 202 quid. well I dont need crossfire or sli, on graphics card is doing me good. but the proformance gain from sandybridge may be huge, so it seems like its worth the wait. then again I have to consider the VAT rise. hmmm. then again nothing is "wrong" with my computer it runs, does what i need it to do. so maybe im better of saving my 350 quid (sell my current mobo/cpu and ram for around 150 quid).
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