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OK If i buy a gtx 460 will there be a noticeable increase in frame rates as compared to my gtx 260.for nfs shift during replays i get 45 fps but the game lags.will the gtx 460 stop this?
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  1. The 460 will certainly provide a noticeable boost in performance, be sure to get the 1GB version.

    What is the rest of your system like? You could also help your performance along by overclocking your processor, maybe installing some more RAM?
  2. core i7 860 6gb ddr3 ram 1680 1050 resolution.also will the lags during replays in shift stop
  3. Yeah, with that setup you're going to be fine.

    Little worried about that I7 860. Isn't that the one thats based off of LGA 1156? If so then it only has a dual channel memory controller to work with, not a triple channel one. Therefore you may get some benefit from taking a stick of RAM out and running 4GB in dual channel mode instead of 6GB in single channel mode. If you had a full fat I7 on 1136 then it would be fine because they'd be running in triple channel mode. Just a suggestion.
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