Hey.. i suddenly got this problem.. when i was playing for about 30 min a game. it suddenly restart the computer . its not to hot inside.. the card is on 30*C in idle and 40 in game. and at this time it did this for like 3 times.. the computer did start with a black screen and the D1601 Light Flashing 4 times with a 2 sec delay from each 4 flashes. like - - - - __ - - - - __ - - - -
i have a 650W Corsair PSU and its not even old..
It gets enough power and its only 4 flashes on D1601 light. i can startup the computer but its only a black screen. i can show a video of it
it has been running smoothly for like a year now with Dust cleaning every week. so i have heard that this flash is overheating problem? but the graphic card cant be that overheated?`its cold.. im using Windows XP SP3
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  1. If you're suspecting a GPU problem, try and get your hands on one that is known to work, maybe a friends, and try it in your machine. If it works fine you know its your GPU acting up.
  2. My friend nearby has a old PCI express card. not 2.0. does it still work in my comp then? i have gigabyte PCI EXPRESS 2.0
  3. Yeah it will work fine, 2.0 is backward compatible to 1.0, the only major difference is bandwidth.

    Give it a test with your friends card.
  4. My friends card doesnt even work. he said to me like 1 min ago.. my PSU is Same age as my graphic card.. and it has been stable for 1 year.. and suddenly it hapens?
  5. its over temp protection that is blinking.. but shouldnt that be only a red light without flashing?
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