Coolermaster HAF922/690II adv vs Antec 902

I have the option of chosing between these 3 cases for my new build, at roughly the same price, which would be better?

Coolermaster HAF 922

Coolermaster 690 II Advanced

Antec Ninehundered Two
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  1. Better in which regard(s).? In terms of looks, you are the best judge.. In terms of airflow, the 902 and the HAF are almost on par while tied 690 is comparatively inferior to them.. In terms of build quality, all of them are good..
  2. Go with HAF with the following suggestion for better airflow...

    remove the rear 120mm fan and fix it at the bottom next to the psu as an air intake... that would leave you with 200mm fan in the front and 120mm fan at the bottom as intakes and 200mm fan at the top as exhaust... this will create positive pressure and will exhaust out excess air out through every opening including the now vacant rear exhaust... if needed just put a grill or a gauze over the rear exhaust if you like to cover it up...

    Also have the psu intake air from the bottom and exhaust through the rear...
  3. I'd go for the coolermaster 690 II, good build quality and dustfilters. THe HAF 922 doesn't have dust filters on the intake fans so you're going to have to keep cleaning it. The 902 is a bit small inside but it does have dust filters and has better cooling than the other two.
  4. I am most likely gonna be running SLI 470s and overclocking. So cooling is the most important...

    Any noise difference between the 3? Anything else I should know?
  5. the bigger the fans the more silent they are... and more air they can move...

    I already purchased HAF 922 & let me tell u , it is huge , in every sense .
    Even HAFX and HAF 932 seems less attractive in looks.

    But not in looks , if u r talking about cooling , HAF 922 has big fans , and if u want more air , u can add another 200mm fan on the side panel anytime.

    All other fans are situated @ good places. IF u want u can control the speed of these fans through the Motherboard or by using a after market Fan controller.

    Dust filters I do say are not there.
    Dude that all depend in what type of place u r gonna keep the case.
    But anyway even with dust filters u will have to clean them and the interior once in a while.

    Man, When i was getting my system assembled in the shop, this case was like a king to every case who was standing there.
    I was standing right next to it. Other customers who were getting their system assembled , came to me asking "NICE CASE, WHICH MODEL IS IT? "
    I felt so good and proud .

    But i felt even more happy when i switched it on and then saw the cooling into the action.

    PROS :
    Great Looks
    Great Cooling
    Options to upgrade (FAN/Liquid Cooling)
    Lots of space ( U Can even add largest after market air cooler)
    Even Noctua NH D14 and Silver arrow fits in this, if u wanna go to after market cooling later
    Liquid cooling ready

    HUGE ( Will cover ur whole table
    But nothing so strong which can encourage not buy it .

    GO for HAF 922
    U won't regret it .
  7. Pretty much decided on HAF 922, thanks guys.
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