Secondary HD not recognised in BIOS (AHCI)

Hi guys :)

I would very much appreciate some advice on a problem with my secondary hard-drive. Essentially this disk is not recognised in the bios or in windows in the current AHCI configuration that my primary 60gig SSD drive runs in.

If I take my SSD drive out and switch my bios setting to IDE it seems to recognise the secondary hard-disk no problem. If I try to enter the bios while in AHCI mode with only the blank secondary hard disk in the bios gives the error "it is not a bootable disk" and fails to recognise it.

The strange thing is that this problem has only popped up since I've upgraded to Windows 8. Windows 7 found the disk no problem (I have no idea if the disk was viewable in the bios at this point because I never had a problem with it so did not check). Also I could view this disk when installing Windows 8 (while partitioning it shown) , but once the system installed it was no longer viewable.

The system:

Mobo: Asus P8B75-M LX
Secondary HD: Western Digital WD1600JS Caviar SE 160GB 7200RPM SATAII/300 8MB Cache
Processor: Intel i3 3220 3.3ghz

Any help or advice would be much appreciated :)

Thanks :D
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  1. please guys.. any suggestions at all?
  2. Since the hard disk works fine in IDE mode it's likely not a hardware defect. I suspect a hardware incompatibility. You could try updating the firmwares of your BIOS and hard disk.

    Otherwise it would be useful to get more information as to what the cause is. Can you install Windows 7 on your SSD (and revert anything else you might have changed in the process) and see if it you can see both HDDs in AHCI mode then?
  3. Hi :) thanks for the reply :D

    The bios firmware which is loaded is the newest Asus have released to date. But the suggestion of hd firmware isn't something I've looked at. Thank you very much for the suggestion. :D
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