Samsung 840 or wait for 830

So, currently the Samsung 830 is out of stock on newegg and I can't find it anywhere. Should I just buy the 840 instead?
I'm thinking about getting 830 because of it being more stable and supposedly faster.
What do you guys think?
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  1. I don't think its more stable. The 830 is faster at some things and slower at others, but its discontinued. don't expect it back in stock.
  2. I have a vanilla 500GB 840 and it is quite fast. You would not be dissapointed IMO.
  3. I dont think the 830 will ever be back in stock, Might as well get the 840.

    That is really annoying, used to be it was easy to recommend an SSD. A Samsung 830 or OCZ Vertex 4, now the 830 is gone and replaced by a lower quality drive, and the Vertex has gone up in price and is being replaced by the Vector. I have no idea what to suggest to people for SSD.
  4. i bought an 830 on black friday, and read in a lot of places that the 840 was unstable and had some pretty severe issues. So I would reccomend the 830, however now that its going out of stock I feel like manofchalk did "I have no idea what to suggest to people for SSD."
  5. I've only had my 500GB 840 for about I should expect it to disentegrate? So far its been awesome. It's Samsung, so expect it to be rock-solid.
  6. Yes!!!! Newegg has the 830 back in stock, I'm going to buy the 830 now.
    Thanks you guys!!!
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