Hey.. i suddenly got this problem.. when i was playing for about 30 min a game. it suddenly restart the computer . its not to hot inside.. the card is on 30*C in idle and 40 in game. and at this time it did this for like 3 times.. the computer did start with a black screen and the D1601 Light Flashing 4 times with a 2 sec delay from each 4 flashes. like - - - - __ - - - - __ - - - -
i have a 650W Corsair PSU and its not even old..
It gets enough power and its only 4 flashes on D1601 light. i can startup the computer but its only a black screen. i can show a video of it
it has been running smoothly for like a year now with Dust cleaning every week. so i have heard that this flash is overheating problem? but the graphic card cant be that overheated?`its cold.. im using Windows XP SP3

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  1. Well, since nobody else is replying, I'll give it a try...

    Firstly, have you done some overclocking on that?
    Have you tried to reset your CMOS? (ie. button or taking out the battery)
    Do you have a PC speaker plugged in?
    If that doesn't help, you should try another PSU and then another GPU.
    If none of these help, you probably have your MB messed up ...
  2. 30'C idle and 40'C full load are consider as "cold" for HD4850, really...
    How many 6pin power connector that your PSU have? Try switch it to another 6pin and report again the result.
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