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Currently im in the process of buying a new computer and I want to buy a graphics card for it as the one already installed is not that good. The specs are:

iBUYPOWER Gamer Power WA514i Desktop PC with AMD Athlon II x2-250 Processor, Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit

Processor Type: AMD Athlon II X2 250
Hard Drive Size: 500GB
Processor - Clock Speed: 3.0 GHz
Operating System: Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit
Graphics Type: ATI Radeon HD 4200
System Ram: 4GB
Shipping Weight (in pounds): 30.0
Product in Inches (L x W x H): 22.13 x 8.33 x 20.53

# 8 x USB ports, 1 x PS/2 mouse/keyboard combo, 1 x DVI port, 1 x HDMI port, 1 x optical port, 1 x RJ-45 Ethernet port, 8 x audio ports
# 5 x 5.25" external drive bays, 1 x 3.5" external drive bay, 5 x 3.5" internal drive bays, 1 x PCI-Express x16 slot, 1 x PCI-Express x1 slot, 2 x PCI slots

Power Supply is 450W

My budget for a graphics card is $100 so if anyone can help, it would be appreciated very much :D
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  1. Its not good enough to say the PSU is 450W. What brand is it, what are the Amp ratings from the 12V rail/s?

    When i see cheap gaming graphics card, i automatically go for a 5770 or even a 5750.
  2. where can i find the brand and amp ratings o.o?
  3. Thats up to you, does the retailer give specifications on what type of PSU it is? If not then its generally nothing to shout about and i recommend replacing it with a Corsair VX or Antec one after purchase.

    PSU's are the most dangerous components in your machine if they are not up to standard.

    well heres the website to it, I can't find the type myself though D:
  5. I looked at it on ibuypower, its not even possible to determine the brand. All i could find out was they dont want to admit the brand, its got passive PFC, and no PCI-E cable, all of which tells me that it should be replaced.
  6. Thats quite worrying that they aren't listing the PSU specs which is quite important. They are obviously targeting this machine at people who want to buy and leave it as is for its lifespan.

    You want my advice? Build one yourself. is your friend for USA dwellers.
  7. maybe he could try a hd5670 which would be in his price range and should work since its pretty low powered.
  8. If i was you i would not even think of buying ready desktop pc. If u order it by parts u can save some money and have better warranty from each part manufacturer, instead of 1 yr warranty from ibuypower.
  9. hey just go with the hd will be the best for your pc and compatible with your system
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