SSD BSOD Problems, please help!

Season's greetings.

I'm having issues with my SSD that I just got today, I'll detail everything that I think is relevant.

OCZ Vertex 256GB
And I have a 2TB SATA-III 6.0Gb/s 32MB Cache 7200RPM HDD that's not anything special, I don't know if it has a name.

So I've had this computer for about a month now, minus the SSD. Windows 8 Pro on my HDD, and error-free for the most part. My SSD arrived today, and I decide to install it with my HDD still connected.

Boots up perfectly, but my SSD isn't recognized until I go into my Hard Disk Management, and create a New Simple Volume. After I did that, my SSD works fine alongside my HDD.

The plot twist is coming :(

I wanted my OS to be on my SSD. So, I remove my HDD, and boot up only from my SSD and a Windows 8 Pro disc. I install Windows 8 Pro onto my SSD with no errors, everything is gravy. So now I'm thinking, "yay! I'll just hook my HDD back up and the world will, all at once, collectively high five me!" I hook my HDD back up, boot up... when I notice that Windows booted from my HDD, not my SSD. Furthermore, according to My Computer, my SSD is empty -- there's nothing on it. I immediately shut down my computer, take out my HDD, and try booting up with just my SSD. I get the BSOD cache_manager error. I remove my SSD, hook up my HDD, and get the exact same error. On both drives Windows tries to auto repair and it just fails. It's an endless loop. I still have my Windows 8 install disc in my computer, but for some reason I cannot boot from it, no matter my setup in my BIOS. I'm very certain it's not a CD/DVD drive malfunction, part of me feels like maybe it's something in my BIOS (which I've barely touched).

So what seems to be the issue?

Last thing -- I have no clue how this happened, but during the endless loop of BSOD's with just my HDD attached, Windows eventually gave me the option to System Restore, which I did, and it worked. I can now log onto my computer with just my HDD attached. However, with just my SSD attached I cannot boot up, and the endless loop continues... endlessly. I still can't figure out why I can't just boot from my CD-DVD drive, and reinstall Windows 8 on it... nor do I know why I keep getting this error in the first place. Could it be BIOS related?

Basically I'm just lost. Any help or input would be greatly appreciated, and if I need to elaborate or post more information I'll do so, gladly.

Thanks to anyone who tries to help.
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  1. Update: I cannot boot with both drives attached.

    Basically, if my SSD is attached, I get BSODs.
  2. U may need to set AHCI mode for the SSD, and manual configure boot priorities from the bios........

    I would first unplug both, clear CMOS...
    hook the SSD, set the bios, and then reinstall OS.....

    but I'm not so sure since it was w8 (not familiar with it)...
  3. I had a very simular experience with win8 and an SSD to the point where I had to delete the partion using my win7pc and then reinstalled win8 fine.
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