Ati radeon 4830 vs 5670

should i buy a 5670 or 4830? i wanna play gta iv splinter cell conviction assassins creed crysis and just cause 2 on 1280X1024 resolution and max settings thanks in advance
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  1. Go for the hd 4830, its better than the HD 5670. You will be able to play those games on max settings. :)
  2. If you want to play all these games on 1280X1024 resolution then its better to go with the hd is the best solution for these resolution games...and moreover you will save some bucks too...but if in future you want to change the resolution to larger one than there are many option's rather than going with the hd 4830
  3. In terms of raw performance:

    HD 4670 < HD 5670 < HD 4770 < HD 5830
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