^ There is my post about my build... but with the 5870... there are soo many choices. So which one should i get?

I will wait until the prices come down mid-october. I was thinking about these (all of them fit my budget)

ROG Matrix
Regular 5870; XFX
Lightning by MSI

Things i'm looking at..
Cooling potential
Over Clocking abilities **
Noise is not a problem **

I have read this,2693-2.html

But what would you guys get? No nvidia
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    ^ MSI card looks good, but also many know the cooling performance of the Vapour-X cards...
    The ROG is a good card no doubt, but cant warrant the price that it commands, mabe sube ~$450 it would have been a good choice, but at $500 I dont think so...Also 2GB of vRAM wont offer significant performance increase compared to the 1GB for resolutions below 2550x1600..

    So finally with the rebates, such performance and at that price, I think the MSI lighting would be the best option IMO...
  2. Thank you gkay, here is 50 points.
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  4. ^ I guess that is 40 points :P
  5. oh yeah.. none the less I get points too :P
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