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Please help, I stupidly turned off the graphics adapter on my PC running Windows XP Pro SP2 - as it wasn't showing the correct display properties, and now the screen goes black once XP has loaded up!!? I KNOW - I'm an idiot, but I clicked Apply, rather than cancel and rebooted my PC, now I cannot get back in to undo my error!! Can anyone tell me please how to fix this in the start up Bios Menus?

Any efforts and assistance would be H-U-G-E-L-Y appreciated!!

Many thanks,

(Anne I Diot)
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  1. I'm pretty sure the standard key for the BIOS menu is Delete. It needs to be pressed at a certain time, but I usually press it rapidly as soon as I turn on the computer until the BIOS screen appears; that way, I won't miss the time to press it : D

    When you're in there, there should be a key to press that will get the bios back to optimized defaults.
  2. Thanks Gladiator,

    I did try that, and even tried starting in safe mode, but as this is on a CMC Electronics "Electronic Flight Bag" (Pilot AID only), it would not start in safe mode, and even when optimised settings were used, the same problem exists.

    I was wondering if there's a setting somewhere I can access at start up to enable the Graphics Adapter for XP?
  3. So you can't get into safe mode, but you can go to the bios screen? Just making sure.

    If you can see the BIOS screen, there might be a submenu that says something like 'PCI/PnP Management' where you can choose options about video adapter settings.
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