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the computor I just built keeps freezing up on me. I will have to reboot at least twice for every session. And it does it on both my good hard drives. I sm thinking I need more power. I have a biostar t 770+ motherboard, a 965 AMD phenom ll 4 core CPU. A sparkle 9600 Grforce 2 gig mem. GPU. I am running 8 gigs of OZ. DDR3 at 1600mghrz. I have 2 hard drives a 750 gig Seagate Berracuda and a Western Digital Black Cavier 1 Td. with 64 cache mem. and 6gig per sec. of mem speed. Also 2 dvd drives, one is a LG Blueray writtable player. Last but not least is my newly added Innvirotech liquid cooling system for my CPU which used run between 60 to 70 Cent. not anymore the hottest it gets is 35 Cent. All this is running on a 680 watt ATI power supply. So do you think I need more power?
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  1. If the PSU is a true 680watt it should be plenty! Can you be more specific on the PSU brand name and model. (ATI does not make PSU's that I know of)
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