How to create a JBOD

I have 3 disks, a ADATA 128GB SSD, a Hitachi 500GB HDD and a Seagate 200GB HDD, I would like to Link these all together to create one Large Volume (828GB) that I can install windows onto and use the computer as if it only had 1 drive, How do I do this step-by-step? There are no partitions on any of the drives and they are all formatted
I am not interested in any sort of redundancy as I have everything backed up on an EHDD

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  1. You generally read the manual for your RAID and it tells you, other can't because you haven't given any form of system spec (also mixing SSD and HDD in a RAID array is a very bad idea).
  2. Well, you aren't going to do it in a RAID array unless you want it restricted to 384GB and as fast as the slowest drive (negating the point of an SSD)
    What you are trying to should really be done across identical drives. You would be better off keeping these as individual drives.
  3. Agreed. No point in linking them together.
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