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Hello there

I bought a budget card some long time ago to get rid of that onboard crap, but I begin to see its not enough for me (GT220) While playing games such as TF2 on highest settings, starts lagging and dropping FPS to 30's etc.

So im planning to buy a new card, this time from ATI.

I had this on mind:




Are those cards good for mid gaming providing some good FPS?
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  1. Well all of them will beat the GT220.

    I'd say if you can stretch to the 5770 then go for it.

    It also depends on your resolution.
  2. Yeah I would, only problem would be its size, my case is pretty small.

    Say I bought the 5750, how much is it exactly better than the one I got now ? Just curious. (New to hardware)

    Also Ive read on reviews that you could OC it pretty easily to the level of 5770
  3. The HD 5750 and HD 5770 are pretty small as long as your case doesn't require a low profile card (what case do you have?). What are the rest of your specs like? CPU, power supply, monitor, etc...?
  4. Well the case is still the same as when i bought the computer,

    got a 500W OCZ PSU

    AMD 2.5ghz x2 (dual core)
  5. I would drop about 100 bucks and go for a Athlon/Phenom II X4 and then buy the 5750. You will get increased FPS because of the vid card but also the extra cores will help 10-30% too. Dual core Athlons choke FPS unless you have a BE that is OC'd to around 3.2ghz. If you can spring for it the 940 and 955 are getting really cheap.

    I saw a 30% difference just going from a Phenom II 920 @ 2.8ghz to a 955BE @ 3.2ghz.
  6. Right, so I think im gonna get 5750 then, maybe a new processor too, soon.

    Was wondering at what FPS would I be able to play, say L4D2 and TF2 on 5750 ? High settings ofc
  7. PS: Idk if I should upgrade my PSU from 500W if I wanted to use the 5750.
  8. 500w is fine as long as you have a pci-e 6pin and a few 12v rails. is the ocz certified in anything? bronze or sli/crossfire?
  9. Ehmm, Im not sure, I think crossfire.

    By the way, would that 5750 fit into my case ?

    ( )

    only pic I could find that is reasonable, sorry
  10. That depends on weather there is a drive cage behind the pci-e 16x card slot. Both the 5750 and the 5770 are dual slot cards but they are also much shorter than more expensive cards too. You need to take measurements to verify the fit.
    Look at this link it will explain at least the importance of a decent processor.
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