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Hi guys, I am going to build a custom computer built for running games such as World of Warcraft & Runes of Magic. This will be my first custom computer and my price range is not that large so what areas do I put the most money into? If you could quickly run through the components of a computer and how much I should spend on each component it would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. Its really hard to do a generalized breakdown because it really depends on the overall budget, if your budget is only 600 the % you spend on the PSU is going to be much larger than if its 1500, and the price of the CPU and GPU really depends on what you can fit into the budget.

    Head over to the systems forum and start a thread using the template shown
    here and we will help you pick out parts for a good system in your price range

    Also take a look at tecmo's recommended builds by usage to get an idea of what we might be suggesting to you, i wouldnt get exactly whats in one of them because prices change so much on newegg, but they are very good starting points to work off of
  2. Without a budget and screen resolution this is just about impossible to approach this question.
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