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Hi everyone :hello: ! I recently bought a Sandy Bridge motherboard called ASRock H67M ! Well there was also H67M-GE but it was out of stock :/ Anyways i bought if for like budget gaming purposes and some other stuff . Some time in the future i will build a much better computer , but i want to know , did i made the right choice in buying this motherboard ? It has 2 RAM Slots , that's fine , but i like the ones with 4 slots :( And it also does come with 2 SATA 3 ports ( 1 SATA 3 cable included )and 2 USB 3.0 ports .

Heres the link to it :

And what kind of rating would you give it ? ( 1-10 )
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    For budget gaming, it's an okay board. If it has the features you want, then you made the right choice. The number of RAM slots doesn't matter, as your future "much better computer" will have a different mainboard.
  2. Thank's for the answer ! Yeah , the features that i want is minimal , and this board does support more than that , it even has uefi bios that makes me glad that i got this board ( ofcourse many or most of them have em , but still it cracks a smile on to the face that you have uefi bios , but other of your friends don't :D )
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