Best laptop <= 1700

like a said what do you guys think is the best laptop 1700 bucks or under quality and performance wise.

asus g73jh
hp dv8
hp envy
toshiba x505
toshiba x500

any others i should look into??

processor --- kinda want i7 since it will be my full computer when im not at home same programs
screen --- more bigger more better

like i said quality and performance its got to feel sturdy and feel, well ... not cheap and crapy lol.
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  1. well its easily between Toshiba x500 and the asus

    the Toshiba has a bunch of x500 and x505 and they all confuse me its all really about there hard drives i think every thing else stays the same from what i understand

    the asus might have it beat with cooling and 1 step higher on graphics (what is it gts 360 vs 5870) idk go look it up lol

    the Toshiba does have a i7 740 beating the asuses i7 720

    i think both are 1920x1080 correct me if im wrong. the ausus is led back lit the Toshiba might be idk it says FHD TruBrite® TFT LCD Display

    right now though the asus is an amazing computer for the price (top of the line cooling and awesome graphics) the only thing turning ppl away is its like your rolling the dice on them some work some dont.

    from what iv seen the Toshiba has 2 vents out the back like the asus but idk if its got big ass fans and all that like the asus

    so there on par with each other but i dont think the toshiba has as many problems and the speakers on eac hside look awsome.

    the asus is 2010 btw idk if the toshiba is or not well has to b ebecause of the i7 idk but that sorta thing matters to some ppl
  2. i know there close how is the cooling on the toshiba?

    thanks for the info though any one else??

    im realy tempted to get the asus but its got to be a 100% reliable computer for school but be able to play a few games in between classes or somthing.

    i havent herd anything bad about the toshiba and other than that i dont know if there is any other computer in this bracket ya the hp envy/dv8 but i dont know how they perform compared to those other 2
  3. Try Dell Studios... My mate has one, P55, but runs well...
    Hot as **** you need a coolerpad for any higher performance
    Cost him 1200 for 3 gigs ram, i7 870? I think so, HD 4550? somewhere within a few of that, sorry for bein' vague.
  4. ell if i get it say what ever graphics they come with i7 840 and 4/6g of ram and all that it comes down to screen size and cooling

    there all 17 or 18.5

    so how is the cooling on the

    hp envy/dv8 has that big fat 9 cell that props it up what at least an inch dont know if any one else has that.
    toshiba x500
    dell xps

    for 15-1700 bucks i dont want my i7 840 and other suff to blow up just because of heat.
  5. You need to get a cooling pad.... They work pretty good, and an i7 840 should be fine, it'll get hot, and don't put it on anything that constricts airflow... I found a cooling pad that has good reviews, but this is out of league =p.
    It is blue, but I think there are other colours... The bottom of laptop is basically all vents... it gets hot, but not too hot.
  6. The asus is the best for gaming.
  7. ya i figured id need a cooling pad now would i need it all the time or just when gaming like i said its not a 100% gamer its for in between classes when i have an hour or 2 and dont want to go home and drive back 20 min later ya know. (dirt 2, mw2/black ops, wow) not super hard to play stuff. not going to be crysis/ffxiv on full blast graphics.

    duk3 said:
    The asus is the best for gaming.

    ya i dont dobt that but like i said its for school also and iv just read to much going wrong with the asus and i cant take that chance i want to but i dont think i can.

    thats when i started comparing the toshiba x500 and envy/dv8 and the xps there all roughly in the same price range and all have good reviews and no f@$k ups

    its starting to look like if i get a cooling pad it all comes down to brand name eh?
  8. Um, I'd think so, I couldn't see there being very much difference, maybe the form of were the exhaust areas are at? I dunno
    If you just want a "school" computer I'd go with a Core 2 duo or maybe a quad, they run nice... IMO a good balance of performance and heat. You'll be able to max the graphics on most of the games you listed (not sure on BO, but I don't think it is going to have good grpaics...) with something like a 4700... =D

    Happy gettting of the laptop
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