Nvidia GTX 460 vs ATI 5830


Which is better, a bottom end GTX 400 series, or a bottom end 5800 series?

What is the main difference between the 5700 and 5800 series?

Is it the 5800's that offer the multi display wrap around (which model?) for 3 monitors etc

Thinking GTX460 vs 5830

Also....what would be better card for this system

Core i3 530
4Gb GSkill RAM CL8 latency DDR3
64gb Western Digital Silicon Blue SSD

Currently running an 8800GTS 640mb
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  1. GTX460 1GB is much better than the 5830.

    The GTX460 1GB is slightly below the 5850, but due to better SLi scaling, 2GTX460s 1GB performs the same as 2x 5850s.
  2. Ok. I was thinking GTX its cheaper than the 5850, and I really like Nvidia cards. Been happy with my 8800GTS (£30 bargain) but want to get on top of DX11.

    Have been suprised how well the i3 runs. Thought games would run better on i5 or i7, but for games that use 2 cores (or can utilise HT) they run better in the benchies than the higher end chips. Obviously with games using more cores over time (BFBC2 can use up to 6) this will change, but for current games this chip is very fast
  3. The PALIT card (I would get the 1gb) says it has dual-link DVI outputs (of which there are 2) so I could run 4 monitors from the 2 DVI ports? And an additional 2 monitors from the HDMI 6 monitors?

    I would be interested in running 3 x 22" 1920x1080 displays from this card, would that be ok? And what is the theoretical maximum?
  4. No, as far as I know the GTX 460 does not support 3 or more monitors. That is the selling point of the ATI cards, their Eyefinity technology. I could be wrong though, but I read a review from here, tomshardware, that the 460 didn't have the same support for monitors that the ATI cards did.
  5. Eyefinity looks amazing! Could run my 3 monitors. Have 3 for playing CoD, or typical trading desktop when working. Nice! Don't like dual display as everything gets chopped in half, alerts etc
  6. Got the Palit 1gb GTX460 Sonic platinum (OC) card up and running. This thing is TINY! And very light. The Sonic Platinum does not use the reference design, it is a new PCB. About an inch shorter. Run's so quiet as I think it uses solid state power loops. No buzzing that you get from some cards under load. The fan is suprisingly powerful as well.
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