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Hi! A friend of mine has this mobo, p3v4x, (p3 800mhz cpu, riva tnt2, sb 128 sound card) and he had a lot of compatibility problems (win98se). The pc would crash very often in games. So i format and install windows ME, everything runs smooth, not a single crash but the problem is, when i install the sound card and restart the comp it works fine, the sound is ok but after 1-2 restarts it says registry error and restarts the pc to fix it and then i have no sound or any other programs in the add/remove section of the control panel but the programs are on the hard disk, and most of them (if not all) are working. If i re-format etc and i don't install the sound card the pc runs fine but without sound. That means the problem exists only when i install the sound card. I don't know what is the problem because when the pc had win98se the sound card was working. But now this friend of mine likes Win ME and doesn't want win98se back in his system. What do you suggest? It's definately not a ram problem, i checked it when i had the crashes etc. Plz help..... And sorry for my english.
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  1. I had an almost identical problem with an Intel 810 chipset based machine. Every second reboot it would flag a registry error, then repair it.

    Formatting and a fresh O/S installation had no effect, same problem...

    Eventually fixed it by resetting BIOS to defaults. I've customised the BIOS settings on every PC I've ever built, with no ill-effects, but this one choked on something.

    (I didn't bother tracing the exact setting, the machine is my mother's, I was only tuning the BIOS to get the POS to play FIFA 2000 at a decent framerate).
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