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i have set up windows server 2003 on one of my computers and enables remote dekstop connection. i can connect through my LAN network but can through my internet, whcih is what i really need. the port forwarding and so on has all been set up and tested through a mates server and it works, but when doing remote desktop connection it fails every time, any ideas?
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  1. Just use the Free version of LogMeIn (www.logmein.com) and forget RDP.
  2. It could be several reasons:
    - a host based firewall
    - null account password
    - ISP filtering at the application layer
    - incompatible RDP client
    - trying RDP from internal host to WAN IP / most routers won't let internal traffic back in.

    How did you verify port forwarding is properly functioning if you cannot connect?

    Either follow Grumpy's suggestion, try VNC, pay for Radmin, or post more details.
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