ASUS P7H55-M PRO which RAM do i get?

I want to upgrade my current 4GB of RAM up to 8GB or maybe 12GB, can someone please look at this link and tell me my options for what i need to get. Thanks so much.

Also im using windows 7 32-bit it says 3.5GB available, i understand its a 32-bit problem, so is it just a simple case of using 64-bit to get over 4GB to work? i'm using i5 750 cpu will that cpu work ok with 64-bit? Thanks
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  1. i won't be overclocking, im not confident enough :) how do i find out speed and timing?
  2. Quote:
    list your current RAM.
    download and install/run CPU-Z:

    hoping there should be a pic coming up
  3. I looked at one of the RAM sticks there were 2 in there out of the 4 sockets it said:
    Ballistix DDR3BG112B4.3M114370
    BL25664BN1337.16FF1333MHz 7-7-7-24 1.65V#
    so should i just 2 more of these and install 64-bit windows 7?
  4. Quote:
    1333MHz 7-7-7-24 CL7 is not that bad of RAM.
    one option is to just buy two more and have a full 4 stick set.
    might be the cheapest option as well.

    ok i'll try and find 2 more sticks install the 64-bit windows 7 and be done with it :) i've been sceptical about installing about using 64-bit as ive hheard people say it slows stuff down???? but if you want to go over 4GB i guess you've got to. What do you think about that?
    Thank you so much for your help :)
  5. i will :D thank you so much your awesome and have solved my RAM problem.
    Also love the yoda pic :D
  6. sorry i'm being an idiot im searching but i cant find anything should i be typing this in:
    Ballistix DDR3BG112B4.3M114370 1333MHz 7-7-7-24 CL7
  7. Thanks :D
  8. it matches up so it must be... i'm gonna buy them now. thanks for all your help. Take Care :)
  9. i decided to go for a pair of 1600 4GB x2 sticks instead lol and gonna flog the 2x 2GB sticks on ebay. So still getting 8GB.
    I'll post by the weekend how how much of an upgrade its been :D
  10. Quote:
    what are the timings of the ones you got.?
    dude, really good move.

    just in case you want to push your rig a little bit and overclock it.
    the 8GB in two slot form (2x4GB) is the best possible configuration.
    running all four slots can sometimes cause issues with voltage and such when trying to clock.

    thanks :) well i was just follwing good advice ;)
    Heres the links for the pair i got.

    i need to install a 64-bit copy of windows 7 now then i'll be all set, i didn't really want to install a fresh copy i got my new graphics card and blu-ray drive, it dont matter though does it.
  11. Just a quick q if I haven't got my copy of windows 7 yet for my 64-bit install is it ok to install the 2x 4GB sticks and just carry on using my current 32-bit install? I know it won't show over 3.5-4GB which sucks but just as a temp thing for a week or 2. Also as I'll be using higher MHz sticks so will I notice a difference? Thanks
  12. Quote:
    you can do it..
    but why not just wait.?

    Well... I put the 2x 2GB on eBay like I said and they've already sold! Lol so I need to send them off to the buyer tomorrow. So I'll have no ram installed :o
  13. i installed the new ram, still using the 32-bit windows 7 it says RAM 8GB(3.50 usable) lol but seems alot more responsive than it did right before i installed it. but i need to ask i had to push the ram in quite hard, the mobo seemed to bend a little bit, is that little normal? :S thanks
  14. it definately snapped, is installed just like the ram before it. well thanks for all your help i'll get the 64-bit bit version installed in the next week hopefully and then i'll be able to see more of a difference.
  15. Quote:
    at least you know your RAM is compatible and performs well.
    even run a memtest to assure it's sound (it seems to be) and your all good.
    no problem helping, I'm still trying to learn and keep sharp constantly.
    enjoy the upgrades and the performance will be slightly better when you get 64-bit on there.

    what program would you recommend? any that can run in windows rather than dos?
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