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Ok, first of all, I just built my first system and everything was fine for the most part. Last week, it started restarting randomly. Sometimes it restarts while surfing the web, some times, like today, it restarted during my son playing 'Spore'. The only thing I could think of is the RAM. It's cheap 2x1gb g.skill ram. I have another 2x1gb set due to arrive from newegg tomorrow. When it restarts, the screen goes black and flashes what looks like a fragmented progress bar for a fraction of a second. Any ideas?


AMD Phenom ii x4 955 BE
2 x 1gb gskill ram (double that by tomorrow)
Asus M4A785TD-V Evo Motherboard
700w PSU
360 gb WD HDD
Windows 7 64-Bit
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  1. g-skill has a pretty good rep....Im thinking driver problems. You didnt mention video card, but it sounds like you got a driver corruption. had any thunderstorms/power outs in the last week??
  2. I installed the drivers from the cd that came with the motherboard, my video card is coming in the mail tomorrow (an hd 5770 by the way). I have done all the windows updates. The pc froze up once and I shut it down....I don't know. I just ran memtest and no errors were found, so I guess that is ruled out.
  3. thats cool, might want to re-install those MB drivers anyway to see if it clears it up....dont want to install a nice vid card in a buggy system! :)
  4. Also possible that it is RAM, thermal problems, or a flaky PSU.
  5. I used to have the exact same problem. . .. .changing my PSU fixed it. .. .but i would think try swapping memory and checking before you go and make a major purchase
  6. Thanks everyone, I'll look into the psu!
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