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I found a site that lets you graph graphics card performance, prices, fps, benchmarks, etc. Anyone have an opinion on this thing? It looks legit. I found the link from a FFXIV forum since they have a tool that lets you calculate final fantasy 14 benchmark scores.
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  1. Well it seems interesting but none of them work for me.
  2. Weird try them again. I just checked and they are working.
  3. Yeah worked this time. I don't think it's right tho, I did a sort by FPS and it's showing the 5870 beating the GTX 480, and same with 5850>470. That's just wrong.
  4. Its showing a 4% difference between 5870 and GTX 480; depending on the platform that could be correct. I've seen some games where 5870 does better, and others where GTX 480 does better. I think they composite scores? Either way, it probably comes down to drivers; their FPS tool is game in-specific so its amazing its that close.
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