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Im using windows7. Purchased WD Passport 2TB two days before. I dont want regular backup of my PC just I need to work WD passport as USB Thumb Drive....that is to copy files from PC to Passport and use it from passport whenever needed. Is it is OK to just copy files from my PC to passport through windows file explorer. I dont want to use WD Smartware. But after I have copied the files to passport the disk space indicator does'nt show the space occupied by the file that I just copied and just showing only 1.81 TB free of 1.81 TB....Help me what is the problem..?
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    It is quite alright to copy files to/from the Passport drive without using SmartWare. Indeed there is no need to install SmartWare at all to use the Passport drive.

    Because the Passport drive is relatively high capacity at 2TB, you will need to copy a large number of files (or some very large files) before the reported amounts of free space and used space changes in the drive's properties. This is quite normal with high-capacity hard drives.
  2. phil22 is correct. I have a WD drive that can use the Smartware software, but I don't find any need for it. I uninstalled it, and only use Windows Backup and Restore for my backups.
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