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Q8400 Temperatures??

Hi there Guys! Im New to the forums!

Anyways, I have a question about my core temps on my q8400
Realtemp readouts are ( In degrees Celsius )

core 0= 40
core 1= 35
core 2= 35
core 3= 35

Loaded - Prime 95
core 0=60
core 1=55
core 2=56
core 3=56

I recently Cleaned my Pc and applied new thermal grease to the cpu and heatsink, first time assembled after clean the cpu hit 100 degrees so i switched it off and rechecked the heatsink and thermal paste, re applied it and the temps slowly settled over time to what they are now ( its been a week now ) so I am now wandering if...
A: my temps are now witch in a normal range
and B: my processor is now permanently damaged?, I have tested this unit for quite some time, and it does seam slower than usual but still stable.

Unit Specs are:
Mobo: p5q Pro Turbo ( also the north and south bridges seam alot hotter than usual )
cpu : intel q8400
memory : ddr2 corsair xms2
heatsink : Freezer 7 pro rev.2

any opinions will be welcomed , Thanks!
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  1. OH and apparently in pcwizard the "cpu temp" doesnt move at all loaded - non loaded it sits at 26 degrees??
  2. Those temps are perfectly safe and even a tad cool for the stock cooler(assuming your using the stock cooler).

    And no permanent damage from running at 100c. Just don't make a habit of it, as that will effect longevity. If your NB heatsink is really hot, you might want to consider better air flow or spot cooling.
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    I have the Q8400 to and if you have windows 7 you can get the gadget that monitors your temps. My temps were the same on XP, it used to sit in the early 30's now they close to the 40's like yours so nothing to worry about, naturally they increase when you run a application or game as its being used.

    The reasons why it went to 100c is to many to explain but maybe after appling the paste it didn't take to it right away so let it run for a bit and see if there is any change for the above temps.
  4. ahh choice! thanks all, its nice to know that ill be fine ( though ill still upgrade to i5 this xmas! ) But yeah, the first time i used Zalman thermal paste of some sort, it must have had a big air pocket or the stuff didnt stay in place, after that i didnt trust the zalman stuff so went and looked for the arctic silver 5 stuff, then applied that
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  6. Thanks for selecting me as the best answer, Well atleast when you upgrade you know your golden oldie is still in perfect working condition
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