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This is my first PC build, switching over from Mac due to the ridiculous pricing of Mac hardware. However, I still need the apple OSX because I prefer it for video editing, which is where this becomes more complex. I will be running Windows 7, which I already have a copy of, and will use it mostly for gaming. I've picked some parts, but am still confused on others, here are the ones I've picked-

Overall Budget: $750-ish
I have a monitor, Resolution 1440x900

Processor: i3 530/540 or i5 750/760 if i can get a good deal on the i5.

Graphics Card: EVGA GTX 460 768mb or 1GB

Case: Cooler Master HAF 912 ATX Mid Tower Computer Case

HDD: Hitachi 1TB

Not sure on power supply (how much I need) or RAM, MOBO, etc.

The biggest problem is the GTX 460 is incompatible with Hackintosh, so I was wondering if there was a way to have two graphics cards, The GTX 460 and another cheap card, that will be good enough for video editing and be compatible with Hackintosh, so I can switch between the two?

Again I'm completely new to building, any advice or help would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. The OSX requirements rules out a more cost effective AMDx6 build (kinda), but the i3 isn't a very good chip. Do you live by Fry's or Microcenter? What level is your vid. editing?
  2. Level of video editing? I use Final Cut Studio, and edit 1080p footage off a T2i/5D.

    Yep and I would prefer intel anyway. I do live by Microcenter, was there today and would have bought an i5 750 for $150, but they were no longer in stock. I'm close to a Fry's too.
  3. That's considered high-end editing. Do you have lots of layers/effects? Is it professional or a hobby?
  4. Sometimes theres a lot of layers, particularly with color my current Macbook Pro tends to bog down. I'm a student so i guess in between. But more than a hobby.
  5. An i3 simply wont cut it for Video Editing at that level. A Quad Core like an i7 or an i5 is essential unless you want the joy of dealing with slow rendering and dropped frames. If money is the issue you are better off dropping the GPU to a GTX 260 and putting the savings into a decent Quad Core Processor.
  6. Alright, I'll work the i5 760 into my budget. Any recommendations on a motherboard or power?

    Also my main concern with graphics cards is compatibility with hackintosh, but I am looking into ways to possibly run two graphics cards - one for Windows 7 (like a GTX 260 or 460) and then one that will be decent for editing on the Mac side, and switch between the two.
  7. Bump?
  8. ^ Why not use the HD 5770?? It offer good gaming performance and if am not wrong, is compatible with Hackintosh as they are currently offered in iMac...
  9. Hmm, I'll give it a look, how does it compare with the GTX 260?

    Also I can get an i5-560 for the same price as an i7-920, is the i7 better? I believe it's older but I'm not sure. Although it'll add another $50 to the MB.
  10. 5770 is far better than a gts 250. The 250 is at least a generation older, slower, and hotter. The 5770's main competition is the slightly inferior GTS450 and the better GTX460

    as for the CPU, tick with the i5-750/760. There is no real performance improvement from the i7s in gaming, and the i5 will keep up in video editing just fine.
  11. I'm not considering the GTS 250, I said GTX 260 - but I'll look into the 5770.
    So the i7-920 isn't better? Any idea on how much of an improvement in 1080p editing?
  12. ^ Apart from gaming, the i7 would offer good gains in other apps performance, but if it is worth it, that you should decide...there are many benchmarks available comparing these CPUs, go through those and come to a conclusion...
    Some reviews
  13. Hmm, think I'll go with the i5-760 with a EVGA P55 LE ATX motherboard. Also for a case an HAF 912.

    Any other suggestions? Better buys?

    Also I know this board can't run two GPU's is there a similar one in the price range that can?
  14. evga has a micro-atx motherboard that has an 8x/8x dual PCIe setup. Its only $74.99 at newegg.

    its kinda wacky (Its always 8x), but it also about as cheap an 1156 board as you'll find
  15. Hmm, I was also looking at this one
    I'm considering it because I'd like it to be easy to upgrade.
  16. u could go for the i7 950 whose price was dropped earlier and it will surely improve performance for gaming/video editing
  17. How much of a difference would that make though? i5 to i7? I just want to be able to scrub through and play 1080p video while editing, rendering times don't bother me as much.

    Pulling the trigger very soon, any other advice appreciated!
  18. there is not difference between i5 750 and i7 930 in gaming. the 750 will be a hair slower in rendering and such, but still fast
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