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  1. What will this be used for? In general, the PSU, ram, and mobo are all mediocre.

    Ram: What you have is low performance, very high voltage (out of spec in fact!), and only 2GB. For 35$ more you double your total ram, get 1600 speed and Cas 7, and drop to 1.35 volts.

    Hard drive is known for having issues, Samsung f3 1TB is 1$ less.

    PSU is complete crap. 70% efficiency? Is much nicer and less expensive.

    And IMO with the money saved from the PSU upgrade the ram/case The one you picked out has 2 fans according to it's specs.

    IMO spend 6$ more to get an X6 CPU over that quad.

    If I did my math correctly it ends up being 24$ more for much nicer ram, a nicer PSU, a larger and higher airflow case, and an X6 CPU.
  2. honestly idk what this will be used for but thanks for your oppions. i have no idea what to look for in the power supply or even how big of one i will need. im going to look into the rest of you reccomendations and reply right back
  3. I agree, get the PSU SP12 recommended, because of efficiency.

    Get the Spinpoint F3 HDD

    What do you mean you don't know what this PC will be used for? Gaming? Office? Editing?

    SP12 Mentioned a great x6/mobo combo, go with it ;)
  4. some computer games and internet surfing and will be using the tv tuner as well to record some things but nothing crazy just decided i wanted to build something and landed on this stuff. i have no experience so any tips would be great
  5. stick with the quadcore rather than the x6 . You wont need 6 cores so 4 at the higher clock rate is a better option

    I like the MB choice . I have been looking at that board for my next build
  6. how did you find the deal

    and also i had picked out my mother board
    and sp12 found that nice combo for it with the 6core cpu. how would i search for a combo with the motherboard i select? on newegg specifically
  7. The hexacore has a ton of merit for 6$. It will turbo up to 3.3 anyway for nonthreaded apps, and it allows him to isolate recording to a separate core.
  8. how would you isolate recording to its own core?
  9. Windows task manager.

    Re: how to find combos. It's at the bottom of the overview on a product, you have to click 'see more combo deals'. The 965 has a deal for ~270$ with the mobo, I just checked. So at that point it's whether the 2 cores are worth 20$.
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