How do i recover a corrupt disk drive content

how do i recover a corrupt disk drive content
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  1. you reinstall from your uncorrupted backups.

    Corrupted means the data has become messed up. There is nothing the system can do now to get valid data out.

    A damaged drive can often be sent out for data recovery (expensive) but for corruption there is not much that can be done. Sorry.
  2. :-(
  3. Hi,

    it may sound silly. But I had the same problem once, I could not retrieve anydata from the Hard Drive. I put it into the freezer for the night, as a friend told me, and in the morning I could access to the hard drive and save everything on another hdd.

    I don't want you to destroy a hard drive if you find any other solution. However, it worked for me.. I dared to try only because I did not know what else I could do.

    Hope it might be helpful.
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