How to install raid0 disks without loss of content

Hi everybody,

I need to get my data back from 2 RAID 0 drives who were in a XPS8300 (raid ready) in my new XPS8500 (not raid ready). Note that the 2 drives are Ok, not corrupted, and i don't have anymore the XPS8300 .

The solution would be installing the drives on SATA ports 3 &4 and configuring the RAID on these ports.
(Port 1 & 2 are already used but not for RAID). I don't want to boot on RAID, just see my drives to access data.

In order to avoid loss of data, i need a few precisions :

The RAID 0 configuration needs parameters like stripe size, block size and others. Do i need to enter them or would they be pick up from metadata ?

-> Do i need to install the drives before configure RAID 0 or not ? In any order (port 3 ou 4) ?

How can i know the exact parameters initialy made on the XPS8300 ?

What is the right method to avoid loss of content ? What i mustn't do ?

Any advice greatly appreciate.
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  1. p67 chipset to h77 means you'll have a decent chance of getting your raid back.

    you will need to match the exact same parameters as the old raid. Hopefully you went with the dafaults on the old board and the new bd should be the same..

    I would install the raid drivers first. You might getlucky and be able to use the windows utility to configure and test with.
  2. Hi,

    Finally nothing to do : the bios was already set to RAID. I just plugged in my 2 drives in SATA ports and reboot. Full access to the content with no problem.
  3. GREAT!!
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