How to get ATI sound in to surround sound system?

I have a ATI 4850 video card. it says it has a built in sound card in it. like if i plug my HDMI cable in to a monitor that has speaker in it, it should out put the sound. I was wondering if there is a way I can get that sound in to another external speaker system? Thanks
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  1. does your monitor have connections for 5.1/7.1 sound? if not, then you have to plug the external speaker system into a seperate sound card or your motherboard (if it has the right connectors built in)
  2. I have 4890s CF so our card is very close.

    Sound on HDMI/DVI only comes out on the video port designated as primary display. I have 2 display connected via HDMI. The 2 DVI ports have DVI->HDMI converter from ATI.

    On board sound card or additional sound card (i.e. Xfi) will enable you to provide audio to a receiver.

    You select audio playback (i.e. HDMI or Xfi) from the SOUND option of the control panel.

    Take note if you select the sound-card (i.e. xfi) as default sound playback, there will be no audio on the HDMI. Its vice versa so the situation is reverse if you select HDMI.
  3. If you external external speakers are connected to a receiver that has an HDMI input and does process HDMI-Audio (no HDMI Audio Pass-through), then just plug in the HDMI cable to that.

    But I think we need more detailed information (make and model numbers) of what components you are trying to get working together.

    -Wolf sends
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