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Hello, I'm kind of new to all this computer world and I'm willing to build my own. I think I have selected decent componenents, but could someone tell how many watts my power supply should have or what would be the best for this setup :

Processor : Core i5 760
Motherboard : MSI-P55A-G55
Video Card : EVGA geforce GTS 450
Ram : 2x2 GB ddr3-1600
Case: Coolermaster 370 black mid tower ATX case
+ basic dvd/cd drive
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  1. You might also consider adding a CoolerMaster Hyper 212+ cpu heatsink fan (an aftermarket cpu cooler that works better than the Intel stock cooler). And a 500W to 650W Power Supply Unit. I like my Corsair 650 - from newegg it is $89.99 w/free shipping.
  2. I would recommend at least a 550W-600W (good quality like Antec, Corsair, etc) to give to a bit of breathing room for future upgrades.

    Also, depending on what you are planning to play, try and squeeze in a GTX 460 (or Radeon 6850) instead of the 450.
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