Crossfire 4850's DDR5 with DDR3 card?

I've never crossfired or sli'd before but I'm looking to purchase another 4850 to join my Asus 4850 512 DDR3 card. Back when I built my rig I had the possibility of crossfire in mind so my setup can support the necessary power and motherboard needs. Yet I have a few questions about the setup.

1. I'm running a E8400 at 3.0GHz (was clocked to 3.6) will this cpu bottleneck on 2x 4850's?
2. I looked on newegg and noticed a DDR5 4850 if I purchase this will it have problems in crossfire with a older 4850 running DDR3?

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  1. 1_Depends on the game,but on most games you'll be fine
    2_No it should work fine
  2. Ok, thanks much :)
  3. well I dont know anything about DDR5 HD 4850s but your CPU wont bottleneck you too much... The E8400 clocked at 3.6 GHz will be able to handle those 2 cards fine :)
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    I forgot to add that,although you can Crossfire a 4850 DDR3 with DDR5 model,but its recommended to use it with another DDR3 card.
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