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Hello, I have a USB 3.0 flash drive which is causing me problems. When copying films for example from my HDD to the flash drive using the usb 3.0 ports (any - I have two on the motherboard, two on a PCIe card and two on the front attached to the PCIe card) the file transfers really fast to begin with ( around 120MBs) and then begins to slow down and goes slower and slower until it stops.

I've tried this with all USB 3.0 ports and the result is the same.

The window currently says it's still transferring at 4.72MBs and has 873kB left to transfer with 5 seconds remaining. It's been like this for the last 90 minutes.

The motherboard has all drivers up to date and the card has the correct drivers installed. I know this because I tried using the card before installing the drivers from the disc and it didn't find my flash drive and after installing them, it's found it and can transfer things (although not reach the end of the transfer).

Anyone have any advice as to what I should do?
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  1. Just copied the same 750MB file from my HDD to mu USB 2.0 and 3.0 flash drives.

    Started the transfer at the same time (almost).

    The 3.0 flash drive got to the end of the transfer in about 3 seconds and sat there for ages while the 2.0 went much more slowly but at the same speed for the whole time and then finished without waiting. The 3.0 flash drive then waited for another couple of minutes after the other transfer was complete and then finished.

    This makes no sense.
  2. are all the usb3 ports using the same controller chip?
  3. I don't know what that means, sorry.

    There are two on the motherboard, two on a PCIe card and two on the front of my case, attached to the ?header? on the card.
  4. I am currently having the same problem. Transfers to USB are normal up until the last 5 seconds. It will freeze and show 5 seconds remaining. I have to wait a few minutes till the transfer complete at this point. It happens both on USB 2.0 and 3.0 ports. The weird thing is when i click the cancel button (it will take some time up to a minute to cancel the operation), the files are succesfully transfered and when open it is not corrupted.

    Have you had the solution yet>?
  5. Nope, gave up on USB 3.0 a while back.
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