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So my parents had a big snow storm and of course they lost power to the house for the entire day. Once they got it back on they realized the PC wouldn't boot up. I had them try a new power cord that they knew worked to no avail. My next thought was it had to be the power supply or the motherboard. I live in a different state and unable to physically check it out myself. Is there any way to help narrow it down to way the issue could be without physically seeing it ? My parents are both very computer illiterate but I can walk them through almost anything. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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  1. I would have them remove the side cover and pop out the battery on the motherboard, with the system turned off. This will reset the bios. The battery is usually round with the numbers 2032 lithium for desktops. Press a small flathead screwdriver against the flat portion of the battery bracket, and the battery will lift up far enough to remove. After one minute, reinstall with the flat side up.
  2. I actually did have them do that, I forgot to mention that in my previous post sorr. It did not seem to help.
  3. Then a new power supply may be needed, but changing that out is probably more than your parents want to do; sometimes the power supplies take out the motherboard when they fail. No way to tell.
  4. Its an old pile they have had for nearly 7 years....about time they got a new one.
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