Games crashing (stopped responding) problem

I've been having this problem lately, which causes games to crash (stop responding). Basically while gaming the everything sometimes just freezes up and I hear a kinda weird sound, and I get a "stopped responding" window. Not that annoying though, since it hasn't occurred much really, but would like to get rid of the problem :)

By the way, this problem might have nothing to do with graphic cards, but I just suspected the gpu could be the cause. I just got my old graphic card replaced because I had the infamous "gray screen of death", so I hope it's not a gpu problem again...

Anyways, this has seemed to be occurring in quite a few games, the ones that come to my mind now are NBA 2k10, Just Cause 2 and in the recently released Mafia 2 demo. In the Mafia 2 demo it occurred just under 10 minutes of gameplay. I ran the benchmark before playing though. One more thing, after the crashes, it seemed like pictures on websites and stuff had weird colours all over them, making it hard to see what was on the pictures. And one time the sound was all weird after a crash, making some weird "crackly" sounds.

Might also mention that my cpu is slightly overclocked, with no voltage increases, and my gpu is factory overclocked.
Here are the specs

Amd Phenom945 x4 3,375Ghz (stock 3GHz)
Gigabyte 770 chipset mobo
Powercolor Radeon 5870 pcs+ (875/1225 factory oc)
4gb crucial ddr3 1333 mhz ram
650W corsair power supply
Windows 7

Thanks for any replies
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  1. Try to run all the games specified by you on lower settings ..
  2. Alright, will probably need some time to test it though.
  3. Havin´ the same problem ¿did you fix it? THANKS DUDE!!


    790xt g45
    720x3 (3.2)
    2x2gb ocz gold
  4. Make sure all your drivers are up to date.

    If they already are up to date, or if it keeps happening after the driver update theres a possibility of it being a faulty card.

    Sorry :/
  5. decode said:
    Make sure all your drivers are up to date.

    If they already are up to date, or if it keeps happening after the driver update theres a possibility of it being a faulty card.

    Sorry :/

    In only have trouble with mafia 2 (demo and full) ¿u still suggest is a vga problem?
  6. In this case, Possibly a operating system or game problem, The game may have not installed properly, or something importants missing from your operating system, or both. I usually refresh my operating system atleast every 6 months, yours may be due?
  7. mmm SO works like a charm, I installed it 4 months ago and Ive tried demo over and over, same with the full game :( I´ve no idea :pt1cable:

    Thanks dude for responding
  8. Yeah, My OS works a charm, but despite that I still have alot of crap since my first install, Will be reinstalling once I get my 1.5Tb HDD's(x2) and my 6850? or 5890?/5870
  9. Well I just tried with onboard sound and the, no ideas!! maybe a bios update is coming :kaola:
  10. I played like 3 hours now :D no troubles, I just changed affinity to cpu 0 and 1 only...maybe was just luck I will tell u next time I play
  11. ? Ok. Have fun!
  12. The only games that give me this problem seem to be NBA 2K10 and the Mafia 2 demo, I'll try the full mafia game soon and see if the problem persists.
  13. To maverick; try totally removing the audigy from your system; sounds like Creative SCP, but I've seen these type of crashes happen for other reasons...(such as my 790i, but I know thats a motherboard problem...). Could be PSU related as well.
  14. For some reason I tried to set the affinity like suggested great mafia 2 now actually runs well so does starcraft 2 i guess they arent able to use multicore cpus well?
  15. I still have this problem, and have got it in MAFIA 2 demo, MAFIA 2 full, Medal of honor open beta and NBA2K10. Seriously, what is the problem, is my graphic card defect? I'm gonna try reformatting soon
  16. Well, I reformatted but got it now again while playing Mafia 2, managed to play for about 20minutes then I got the crash, guess I'll have to RMA my second 5870.. Sigh.
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