Ati 5670 (crossfire) vs ati 5830

Just as the title says, i bought a sapphire 5830 1 gb card, very nice works well, but i'm considering selling old dell XPS 630i and getting an alienware from dell that offers dual 5670's (both 1gb) in crossfire.

I have not seen anything about 5670 cards, but i imagine even if you have them in crossfire, they are probably not going to stand up to a 5830. i could be wrong though. does anyone have any links to show some fps comparsions?

also, where would be a good place to sell a dell gaming rig with the 5830 (brand new)?

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  1. 5670=fail.
  2. i'd go with the 5670 CF over the 5830

    but you should get a GTX 460 instead...
  3. ok, so one vote for each. here's a follow up. WHY? why would you go for CF of 5670 over the 5830? all are 1 gb cards by the way. I have read or seen somewhere that the CF dont really add that much in terms of FPS, maybe 5-10 max? is that right? i'll be playing games on a 23" 1650x1080...let's continue the discussion and let's see some charts? or some expertise on why one is better than another..thx guys u guys rule, martin
  4. If you have an crossfired hd 5670 then also it won't be able to beat hd it's better to stick with what you have and going with an wrong choice....
    here is the link compared to every card...
  5. here is a comparison chart between your two choices:

    Tom's Hardware - Benchmark 2D Power Draw <-shows more then just 2D power draw

    5670 CF is on the left, 5830 is on the right
  6. that's exactly what i wanted god u rule, martin
  7. hey jefe323...can you show me how you set those up? say if i was shopping for some do what you just did for me...step by step.....thx, mm
  8. go here:,1.html
    click "2010 Gaming Graphics Charts (High Quality)"
    Choose whatever type of benchmark you are looking for
    Scroll down and you should see a massive chart
    Check however many cards you want to compare and hit the "compare" button at the bottom of the page
  9. you are my commander, thx, mm
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