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So I am trying to see if there is a cheaper alternative to a iMac that will give me equal or better performance. My budget is 900-1100 Canadian. Only a few requirements (some of them are obvious i know but i apologize :p): FAAAAST CPU preferably Intel, 6GB DDR3 RAM, GOOD soundcard at good price, at least 1TB hard drive, 23 inch monitor and a half decent GFX card cause i like to get in the odd game of SC2 ;)

Thanks in advance,
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  1. Soundcard? Unless you're rocking some sort of high-end analog setup you won't notice a difference. What will it be used for? Do you need a monitor? If not, resolution do you have?
  2. Please provide the model iMac to beat, since a quick peek shows all of them over your budget, in $US.
  3. If this were the target:

    the identical internal parts, except a faster 1TB HD, plus Windows 7-64, a Cooler Master Elite case, Logitech wireless kb/mouse, and Acer 21.5" monitor price out at US$783.85.

    So its already faster, ain't nowhere near as pretty.

    How would you like it to outperform which iMac, further?
  4. if mac has it, it can be built cheeper. what software do u use for editing? and if it going too be stuck behind a desk or something u can get a cheap 20$

    fans will be the enemy when building a music/video editing computer look for large slow fans too cut down on noise
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