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Help with previous build!

Last response: in Systems
September 20, 2010 12:16:55 AM

I recently built a new computer about 3 months back and i still feel as if something is not right. I play games such as WoW, Lord of rings online, BFBC2, GTA 4, TF2, and CSS. When im on the MMO games, i chug a lot, i think due to my graphics card. I put settings on Medium/high at 1440x900 res is were its orginally at and still chugs. My fps is usually at 30-40. When i play games like BFBC2 or GTA 4 i get the same problem. Res at 1440x900 and settings at medium/high, the fps is usually around 50. But i love when my games run smooth not have chug spots all the time. My system specs are:

Amd Phenom x6 1055t on stock cooler
Asus M4A79XTD EVO Motherboard
XFX ATI HD 5850 @ stock
Western Digital 500gb Hard Drive
Corsair xms3 4gb 1600mhz
BFG 1000w Power Supply
Antec 902 Case

I ran furmark a while back and results 3561 points at fullscreen, res at 1400x900, no AA. Temps at 43 degree max.
Im completely clueless, my friend owns a gtx 260 216 graphics card that beats mine in any game on max settings. I need help to find out whats wrong.

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September 20, 2010 12:38:15 AM

So............ are you saying its the online games only?? Or all of them?
If its just the online look at the idea that you ISP has a problem, or your modem is acting up. If its all the games but you getting 30-50 fps i cant see that being a video card prob, certainly not with the XFX you got.....I would wonder if you have some scheduled event running in the background...maybe a virus scanner kicking in??

hope this helps, Dead
September 20, 2010 12:55:16 AM

Well idk if its the online problem, but that could be a good reason. I recently do LANS and what not so when im at other internet networks i still have the same problem. I usually play GTA 4 and BFBC2 offline a lot, same problem persists. My security system is avast and i have been through most of the settings and dont ever see a scanner in the background. Even through the processes.
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September 20, 2010 12:59:19 AM

Ok, could be a DX or a driver problem, have you tryed re-installing video drivers?
September 20, 2010 1:04:59 AM

I could give that a try. But do you know if the points i got from furmark is normal?
September 20, 2010 2:42:01 AM

Nope, Im sorry but Im not into all that my benchmark is bigger than yours stuff, so I dont have a clue what a good # would be! ;) 
So go ahead and try the drivers.....let me know if it helps, or not!

September 20, 2010 3:08:29 AM

You don't mention what version of CCC you're running.
I would uninstall CCC in ADD/REMOVE
Download Driversweeper and install
Run in safemode
Check off ATI
Click purge
Start normal
Install last stable version of CCC as Admin
I have a XFX 5850 and use CCC 10.4 btw.