Is there a way to restore a "bad sectored/bad disk" hard drive?

I have a Neo Basic laptop and unfortunately my hard disk suddenly went dead. I mean it can't read anymore. I used some partition tools and recovery tools to see if it can fix the problem, but unfortunately, it always says that the whole disk have bad sectors and unreadable. But this Hitachi laptop hdd was able to detect by the CMOS and read the capacity right. Thanks in advance for help.
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  1. when a drive goes bad then it simply goes bad, there is no 'repairing' a HDD.

    Turn it off, and unplug it, the longer it is on, the more damage will be done.

    Here is what you will need:
    1) A new HDD (if made in the last 5 years then it will be a SATA drive, if older than that it could be SATA or PATA and you will have to check)
    2) Your Restore discs. These may have come with your computer, or you had an option to make some when you bought the computer. If you do not have any then you will have to order some from the manufacturer, or go out and purchase your own copy of Windows (whichever is cheaper).
    3) a HDD to USB adapter. Sata to USB adapters are super cheap ($5-10), but if your HDD is an older PATA drive then you will need a PATA to USB adapter which thend to cost closer to $20-30.

    Then do the following:
    -Remove old HDD
    -Install new HDD
    -Install Windows and whatever software you want (restore discs or a windows disc)
    -Attach your old drive to a USB port with the HDD to USB adapter, find the old drive in Windows Explorer (the file manager), and then drag and drop whatever files you want to save from the old drive onto the new drive.

    *please note that programs do not transfer, only files. This means that you can move things like documents, pictures, movies, etc. But you cannot move things like Word, Firefox, or other programs. To get your programs back you will need the install file/CD, and you will have to do a fresh install on your computer.
  2. actually i've done all those methods. I'm just searching out for other ways to make the HDD usable again, and I'm hoping there's at least one way..anyway thank you very much for your reply. It has been very informative.]
  3. ya, HDDs are glorified rust stuck on a metal platter. When the 'rust' starts to flake off, or no longer wants to hold a charge then your only option is to replace the platter. And it is far cheaper/easier to replace the drive than to find a compatible platter and attempt a repair on your own.
  4. I think so too..well hdd's nowadays are very affordable so i might buy one. well actually i want to make that damaged hdd to a portable external hdd so i;m finding a way to repair it.^_^. i guess i'll buy a portable hdd instead ^_^
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