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Hi, I have a Zebronics 500 Watts PSU. Its fan had become noisy as its bearings had gone loose.
I have replaced it with a spare PSU fan i had with me. The existing fan on the PSU had a rating as 12 v, 0.18 A. The new fan has a rating 12 v, 0.13 A. So far the PSU is working fine.
Now my question is, can the difference in the power rating cause any problem in the new fan?

Please help....
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  1. The power ratting of the new fan is lower so the speed of the fan will probably be lower so that the CFM (cubic feet minutes) rating of the new fan will be lower. I wouldn’t worry about it though as there is considerable variation in other factors such as is the fan temperature controlled? The level of the 12 volt supply, the air flow inside the case etc.
  2. it should be fine. dont forget to blow the dust out of the psu occassionally, with an air compressor or compressed (canned) air
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