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i wanna buy a mac pro to do 4d cinima finalcut pro 12 core xeon starting at 5 000 , but it doesnt look that upgradable but the new pc s fron boxx render machines build you systems buillt for rendering whats a better buy a 12core 293 xeon or a 12core pc from boxx for 8000 base quadxeon with 96 max ram opposed to 32 from mac pls any response apppreciated n=my buget is 7000 to for computer
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  1. will if it limited too mac they both look to over priced if u could handle windows 7 then u could build more for less the evga sr2 motherbord will suport dual hex core xeons and that would give u 12 cores 24 with hyper threading and give u the option for sli or crossfire
  2. pc will always have more power but mac software is stream lined for easyer use and useing the limited hardware .... i vote pc ... but i also vote build ur own and save money (or spend the full 7000$ for a monster)

    when do u plan on the buy or build ........ q1 2011 Sandy Bridge based cpus release and the new chip would be faster at math and help with rendering
  3. hey thx for replying so windows 7 is tht 64 bit i wood be willing to look at a pc are you talking about building a system. wonder how much id benefit doing that
  4. well thats what i wanna doo have a freaking monster thats what they use in hollywood as much as it hurts me to say that i read an aricle an it said to do percey jackson and terminater 4 the newist one they use hp belive or not. but i was a die hard amiga. but i like the userfriendlyness in mac but i need a monster is the 293 really a monster , and woold that sandy base cpu really beat an intel
  5. ... sandy bridge is a codename for intel's upcoming stuff...
  6. its the new line of intel releaseing in 2011 and its betchmarks are looking good they have 2.5 ghz cpu that run games / programs faster then the curent 3ghz but it realy depends if u are willing too wait too buy...
  7. i looked into boxx....they have alot of software and other support. . if ur just looking for the 3DBOXX 8520 workstation then building the same is cheaper... but i would go with 4 gpu like gtx480 in quad sli and dual intel xeon hex core cpu and 24-48 gigs of ram
  8. If you go with a 12 core machine just don't expect it to work with 3Ds Max 64 and mentalray... because it doesn't... there's a serious problem with it & 12 core machines that autodesk has known about for months. Hyperthreading to more than 16 virtual cores kills the application... you'll end up having to turn it off in the bios... and if you get that Apple... good luck because you can't do that in windows/bootcamp!
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