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Hi I like to game and I need a gaming keyboard. My budget is 20-50$ and i already check the razer arctosa. Do you know which other keyboard which is in the same categories so that I can compare?
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    Here's some.
    Microsoft SIDEWINDER X4 -@$50
    Saitek Cyborg V.5-$43.05
    Steelseries Merc -$39.18
    Microsoft (9VU-00002) Reclusa -$ 32.99 Canadian
    Personally i have a Logitech G110 and bought it for $60 Canadian at shellshocker deal.
    I've also seen Logitech G15's on sale for $50 since it has been replaced by the G510.
    Logitech KB's are as solid as they come worth the extra dough imo.
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