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Ok, I'm looking to build a new pc. My current one is around 4 years old, so it's time for an update. My budget is roughly 600-800. With that being said the cheaper the better. I will list all the components I need. Everything is needed but monitor, mouse/keyboard, and speakers.

Regarding the mobo I only plan to have a single video card and will not overclock.

CPU+ mobo

PSU+Video Card


These are the combo deals I found, but if better deals are out there let me know. Also I'm not sure if the amd 955 is the best option for me. I have looked at the amd athlon 445 and it looks appealing, but I'm worried that the 955 will be more future proof. I do not plan on upgrading the mobo/cpu again for atleast another year or two.

I mostly only play mmo's, but at the same time I want something that I can run games on high resolution at medium settings. The other other taasks I do are internet and word processing applications.
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  1. A thing I noticed is this has no Operating system... I assume you have one, but it may get overlooked...
    Phenom is better then Athlon...
    I don't see any RAM, but if you have a 4 year old computer, the ram shouldn't work in this one. I'd get Ripjaw RAM, there is probably a combo deal, but I didn't see one...
    You have a Motherboard that has SATA-3 and USB3.0, you won't really need them...
    HD 5770 is great for this price range...
    Your price, according to my math is 509.94 (601.93 with the RAM)... If you want you could add more improvements. Better GPU, and maybe the AMD hexacore, phenom X6 1090T?
    Other then those points, I'd say it is pretty good... If you want you could probably go i7 P55 slot or i5... your choice =D.

    PS. Goodluck on your build! I hope it works out.
  2. Atotalnoob Recommended HORRIBLE RAM really dude? c7?

    Get this,

    Much much much much much much much faster and better.

    Phenom is your best buy, you don't need an x6.. that would be heavy heavy multitasking.. like benchmarks, games and internet windows with HD video buffering all open at once..
  3. lol, sorry! I just read good things about Ripjaw, so I chose the first one, fail D,=....
    I said maybe on the X6
  4. Ya, I left out some things I realize. I do need an OS, so you can add in 100 for windows 7. The ram sounds about right.

    As far as cpu I'm stuck between phenom ii x4 or athlon. Granted I know the 955 is better, but the athlon 640 is cheaper to. I will probably need to find out the performance difference between the two.

    My goal is a quality computer for as cheap as I can get it. On the mobo you said I won't need usb 3.0/sata-3. I was mostly choosing the board because it was am3 socket and I was pointed towards that board in the very beginning, so suggestions are always welcome.
  5. There are thousands (probably) of AM3 boards =p
    The newer stuff costs about 15-50$ more, so depending you could shave off some money. Phenom is way better then Athlon, athlon is..... not good, and leave it at that... =p
  6. ya I realize phenom is better, but I'm not even sure I need a phenom. I mean I don't need the best, just as long as it gets playable frame rates. Something I forgot to mention as well is I really only play mmo's(aion, wow, ect.).

    looking at prices I could probably save money by not going phenom and getting a stronger GPU. After reviewing the phenom and athlon models on the benchmarks the performance isn't that big of a difference to warrant the extra money or atleast the models I compared.
  7. I'd rather have the ripjaws at 1600 speed, but Mushkin has their 1600 speed cas 7 1.35 voltage ram on sale for 80$ so that's the winner.
  8. The ram sounds nice, but do I need 1600 speed if I'm not overclocking?
  9. Ths along with an InWin Dragon Slayer case. Out of stock right now but a very nice and component cooling case...... $80. ... so

    op sys
    mobo and proc
    InWin Dragon Slayer

    I know its "only" DDR2 800 memory and board but this is a bitchin box. I own most of these components and they are ALL good.
  10. Nope, but for 80$ you'd be hard pressed to find a good 4GB DDR3 kit cheaper, even at 1333.
  11. Get a Phenom. You'll be happier. People rave about the athlon's price/performance ratio, but never just its performance. It is noticeably worse. Just not soooooo bad that saving the money isn't always a bad idea. But if you can afford the Phenom, get the Phenom.

    And when you realize the clockspeed on that Phenom is ~10% higher you're not looking at much.
  13. =o
    even if they are even on the clockrate athlon would fail =p
  14. sp12 said:

    And when you realize the clockspeed on that Phenom is ~10% higher you're not looking at much.

    If you look at the gaming benchmarks, there are games where the difference in average frames is more than 10. The minimum frames on the athlon are going to be when you'd wish you'd gone with Phenom.
  15. Ok, I'll price some stuff on newegg tonight and see if I can fit a phenom in my budget. Not sure I can without lowering the video card, but I'll try.
  16. Best answer
    Do you need Windows? Here's something for 800 before rebate:

    CPU and MOBO: Phenom II x4 and ASUS 790 motherboard with Crossfire support

    -$260 (-$20 rebate)

    Case and HDD: Same as you have above

    RAM: G.Skill Ripjaws Cas 7 1600 MHz kit

    Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit

    PSU and GPU: Same as you have listed
    -$190 (-$35 rebate)

    TOTAL (before rebate): $735
  17. Unfortunately I do.
  18. Forgot optical drive. Add $20 to the total and an Optiarc to the build.
  19. Never did the Phenom have a 10% non-clockspeed advantage over the Athlon, while it's 50-65% more expensive. The Athlon delivers very respectable performance for a good price, if you can substantiate the minimum claim I may be more inclined to agree that it's a smart move, but the Phenoms are, in general, bad buys/cash cows for AMD.

    That G.skill ram sucks. Is less expensive, and is a full .3 volts lower.
  20. But if he can get a better processor within budget, why go with the Athlon simply for some ideal price/performance ratio. The above build is $755, don't make it weaker with an Athlon. You don't have to.
  21. Because it would allow you money to other components that would have a more direct and substantial impact on performance.

    If you're going to spend that much on an AMD CPU, at least get the 1055t 95 watt edition from TD.
  22. Ya, the difference does not seem to be much on the benchmarks. I'm just going off of what everyone is saying basicially as they probably have more experience than I do. I won't be playing shooting games or anything of that nature which is what the benchmarks seem to use.
  23. sp12 said:
    Because it would allow you money to other components that would have a more direct and substantial impact on performance.

    If you're going to spend that much on an AMD CPU, at least get the 1055t 95 watt edition from TD.

    But then you're stuck with a weak CPU. Games are becoming more CPU-intensive, utilizing more than 2 cores. Having stronger CPU cores will have a direct impact on gaming performance ESPECIALLY if he later decides to utilize the crossfire capabilities in the motherboard for a second GPU. An Athlon will fall even farther behind if it has to deal with the processing overhead of a Crossfire configuration.

    That RAM is better. Good find.
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