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Hey there folks

I'm experimenting with building a computer outside of a regular buy-over-the-counter case. Is it possible to, without tearing apart an old case, buy front panel on/reset/LED/audio/USB as a bundle? (i.e. all on the same piece of plastic)

I've done a bit of a Google/TH/new egg search, and I must be typing in the wrong search terms, because I'm not coming up with much :S

Is it possible to get, for example, a panel that has:
1. On switch
2. Reset switch
3. Power LED
4. HDD LED...
5. Front panel audio jacks
6. USB

A combo panel with them all would be awesome!

Thanks in advance! :)
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  1. I know you didn't want to tear apart a case but a quick google reveals many cases <$20 (sans PSU) and no panels such as you describe. It is unlikely the quality of the bundle you get will be remarkably different from better brands. . . there's not a lot of quality variations of FP momentary switches, LEDs, and wires when you eliminate all else. . . .
  2. Thanks mate.
    I'm thinking that's my only option... it just seems like such a waste though! Plus I'm in Australia, the cheapest case I can find is $39. Maybe I'll be able to make use of the 5.25 drive cages too...
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    Hmm.. if there is one out there (which I would think there is) then it wouldn't be easy to get in Aus :/

    You could probably make your own power/reset/LED/USB panel with some old parts you might have lying around and also some stuff from a run around the street before hard rubbish collection :) but it'd probably take more efffort than its worth.
  4. Wow, I think I just stumbled across what I'm after... in Australia too! Score!! A bit pricey but oh well, can't win them all, can you??

    Cheers for the help folks :D
  5. Wow that's no cheap. But hey it works I guess.

    All the best with your building :)
  6. And if anybody else reads this for similar information, there is also

    I think it's a great idea. Unfortunately no power/reset switch option though.
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