Very Low Budget Visual Basic and Gaming PC

Ok, my mac and i have reached the end of our relationship (absolutely atrocious computers they are), and ive decided to build myself a PC. Can yu guys tell me if this is an o.k build for Visual Basic programming and medium gaming? I dont need a monitor, keyboard, mouse, case, DVD drive or operating system.

What: Low cost pc for light duty programming and medium gaming
Budget: $500CDN
Dont need: Monitor, Keyboard, mouse, OS, case, DVD Drive

Parts ive chosen:
CPU: AMD athlon II x2 250 dual core processor $64.99
MB: Gigabyte GA-M68MT-D3 $54.99
RAM:Corsair VS2GB1333D3 2GB 1X2GB DDR3-1333 $48.80
PSU: BFG GS-550 550w $49.99
HD: Western Digital Caviar Blue 500gb $49.99
GPU: Zotac 450gts 1gb video card $129.99

Total: $398.75
I also dont need shipping as i live 45 min from NCIX
Thanks in advance!
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  2. My monitor is an old VGA LCD that i had left over from my last pc. im not sure the resolution. when i hook it up to my mac it seems to work best on 800x600 (its really old)
    I looked at the 5770, i like it but the 450 seems to be only a bit less powerful and has physx. i wouldnt use eyefinity, but i want to be able to run dx11 games and play games like BBC2, Napoleon total war on pretty high settings.
    thanks for the response

    also the 250's can be unlocked cant they? so i think ill stick with it for $30 less.
  3. ^ I have not seen many people reporting a successful unlock, but its worth a try...But for that you have to change to the mobo that I have listed as those only have the ACC option, which unlocks the cores...
    So in general, if you want to unlock, then go with boards which have south-bridge SB 710/ SB 750/ SB 850...

    Graphics card - I dint notice you had selected the 450...stick with it, it would suffice for your resolution...
  4. ok, so my updated build list is:
    CPU:AMD Athlon II X2 250 Dual Core
    MB: MSI 770-G45 ATX AM3 770
    RAM: same as listed
    GPU: same as listed
    PSU: OCZ FATAL1TY 550W (i like the red)

    Total: $519.99 including tax (have i mentioned how much i hate the HST?) I can afford $19 extra and if i wait abit for a sale, the PSU has been know to hover around the 420-$40 mark with the mail in rebate.

    Just a final question, Why does nobody ever use NCIX to suggest parts? I, not sure about America but in canada they have more parts that are more often than not cheaper than!
  5. ^ Maybe because newegg is more famous?? and also it is easier to search the parts from the list compared to I have seen many people suggesting ncix too...
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