Broken Maxtor OneTouch4 mini NEED HELP

I have a maxtor one touch4 mini 160GB external hardrive that connects to my desktop via USB and when I plug it in nothing appears in my computer, however when i open up device manager it is right there. When i hover my mouse over the device it says that it is disabled so I right clicked then clicked properties. Right when the window appears this is the error message it says under device status:
This device is disabled. (Code 22)

Click Enable Device to enable this device.

So that concerns me because when I press the "Enable Device" button then it prompts me if I would like to enable this device and i chose next. then i get this message:

Windows has finished attempting to enable this device.

Maxtor OneTouch USB Device

Windows was not able to enable this device.

The situation is that I have files on this drive that I need for Monday, and no one I have asked prior has been able to help me out. So if you were to help me I would be eternally grateful.
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  1. I just reformatted the drive in hopes of saving it, however it is an old drive so it may fail
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