Can't view Steam store/community in app or Upload Photos to sites/gmai

This just started in the past two days. I've made no significant changes to my

Windows 7 64-bit system.

Problem: I can't view the Steam store or community tab when using the Steam app.

Store page shows: White page that says "The webpage is unavailable beause you are offline" What you can try: Connect to internet, maike sure your not in offline mode, etc.

Community page: blank white.

Also recently occurring is that I am unable to upload photos. I tried Photobucket, Flickr, and just now GMAIL. Gmail says that there is an error and it may be due to a firewall or a proxy.

What I've tried:
Resetting modem
Resetting router
Plugging PC directly into the modem
Disabling Windows firewall completely

I am at a loss in diagnosing this since I've made no big changes and my Xbox/Netflix has been working fine over this network.
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  1. this occurs when steam isn't installed correctly. Uninstall steam, remove all files from C:/program files/steam. And re-install it.
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