Dell Optiplex 755 E7300 Core 2 upgrade to Q9300

My work computer is under powered for the type of work I am doing. I do CAD and have very CPU intensive programs open like Solidworks and AutoCad. The current PC I use is a Dell Optiplex 755 (MIDTOWER) with 4GB memory and E7300 2.66 Core 2 Duo CPU. I got the okay to upgrade the CPU as long as it is low in cost. I found a Quad Core Q9300 2.5 Ghz for just over $100.00. If I do a BIOS update before hand will the be a working upgrade? I don't want to purchase the CPU and it not be compatible. Should I buy new thermal paste if the upgrade will work? Please any info would help. I did google this before coming here. However, I give high value to the posters here.

Thanks, Matt
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  1. All you can do is try it. Hp gives you some cpu options, but dell won't. They would rather have you buy a new system. If the 755 is still available, start an order and see what cpu options are listed.
  2. From this resource, it appears you should be good with the Q6600, Q9450, and Q9550, and Q9650. The Q9300 should be fine also.. I would be concerned about the small power supply if upgrading the CPU and other components. 280W - 300W is what they reference...

    Q6600 => $84 shipped on Newegg. [...] -_-Product
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