Help with Compatability and Hardware Selection.

Hello all, I am currently in the process of building a budget gaming rig with the room to upgrade in the future. I currently have everything picked out except for the motherboard and power supply. I am having trouble finding parts that I think will be compatible with what I have already chosen.

With the motherboard I dont want to pick something that doesnt have all the slots I need, and for the power supply I am not sure which ones have all of the connectors that I need, and I also know that I would like it to have atleast a 400w constant power supply.

The parts that I have already selected are listed below, and I am not exactly sure that all the parts that I have picked out are compatible with each other so any advice on these parts would be appreciated also.


Video Card-


Hard Drive-

DVD Burner-

I am trying to only spend about $250 more on the mother board and power supply. Any suggestions on better or cheaper parts already listed would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks ahead of time for any help.
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  1. ^ The main usage of the PC ? Also what is your monitor's resolution ?
  2. I am mostly putting the computer together as a budget gaming pc that I can run WoW on at max settings. I believe my Monitor Resolution is 1600x900, but dont have it with me to be able to verify.
  3. Any suggestions for a cheap but reliable case? Thanks with all the help so far, got the price of all the parts 1-200 dollars cheaper than I already expected.
  4. CASE -
    Or this is a better deal -
    CASE + HDD
    And additional fan for intake

    And what other games that you play ? If anything more intensive than WoW, then you can get a slightly more powerful card - Though the HD 5770 is good enough, but this also would be a good option...
    GTX 460 768MB
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